Interview with Courtney Act

Courtney1She has an amazing voice, an incredible personality and makes the heads turn of both gay and straight guys… Yes, we are talking about the one and only Courtney Act! This fishy drag queen made it to the top 3 of one of the most successful seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race where she had to compete with Bianca del Rio and Adore Delano. You can meet Courtney next week – on April 5th and 6th – during the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons’ tour in Amsterdam. This sweetheart took the time to chat with us through the phone!


Girl, we missed you last year! You were scheduled to perform in Amsterdam but we heard you cancelled it last minute…
I didn’t cancel it!

Who did?!
I don’t know but I didn’t… I was looking forward to coming to Amsterdam and then it got cancelled…

F*ck those bitches!
I know: ‘Amen to that!’’. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, I’ve only been to the airport. I did fall in love with a boy that was really cute!

We can understand: the Dutch boys are cute!
Exactly! Luckily we get to spend a few days in Amsterdam next week.

Did you already decide what you’re going to do in the city?
Uhm… I guess I don’t have any plans yet.

Your colleagues usually go to Club NYX after their show… Did you hear anything about that club yet?
No I haven’t… I heard about… Who is that drag queen in Amsterdam that everybody loves?

[ Sharon Needles yells in the background ] : MAYDAY!

Ah yes! She’s one of the most successful drag queens in Holland… You didn’t meet her yet?
Not yet, but everyone keeps talking about Mayday.

”Everyone keeps talking about Mayday.”

What did they say about Mayday? Do you have any gossip for us?
Just that she was cool.

Hmmm, you haven’t got any gossip that is a bit more exciting?
It’s all positive… Everyone is so pleasant in this show! Violet Chachki and I are actually doing a thing for 24 hours: she’s being more grateful and I’m not making any sarcastic comments. I’ll try to be nice for 24 hours.

Pfoeh… That’s a tough challenge! What is it we can expect from you next week during Battle of the Seasons?
Well, I have packed a very large costume that I wore on RuPaul’s Drag Race. It took me a lot to get it all the way here…

What outfit are we talking about?
I don’t want to ruin the surprise. If you look at my social media you can probably figure it out! We’ve got a giant road case filled that was so big they wouldn’t let in on the airplane. I thought that I had to send it home but then I ended up getting it on the next flight.

We’re getting very curious! And are you going to sing during the show in Amsterdam?
Of course! I’m going to sing my songs ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Ugly’ and a few other things as well.

Yasss! We can’t wait to finally see you perform live! Something completely different: did you already get the chance to see season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?
Not yet! I downloaded it to my computer and tried to watch it last night but I only got through the first twenty minutes. It seems like it is the same script but a different cast, isn’t it?

But even though you only saw the first twenty minutes: do you already have a favorite?
I do love Bob the Dragqueen and Naomi Smalls grabbed my attention. Oh, and Thorgy Thor also seemed fun as well. I’m going to try to watch the rest tonight.

Interesting pick! On social media fans seem to adore Acid Betty: I don’t hear you talk about her?
I’ve seen her a few years ago on this ‘Drag Queens of New York’ web series. Nobody seems to like her: that’s all I’ve gathered.

”Nobody seems to like Acid Betty.”

She might come across as a bitch, but hey: her creativity is awesome! You are known for being a real fishy queen, what advice would you give starting drag queens?
Well, when I wanted to do drag… I just started. It just happened, I didn’t really think about it. I think I just decided to go to a party in drag.

What period of time are we talking about now?
It’s so different now because drag is on television and it’s so much more visible. In the year 2000, when I first started, I dressed up and went to a party and I wasn’t able to put it down. I do remember like cutting my wig once in a psychotic rage because I thought that I shouldn’t do drag but: ‘’You can’t keep a good bitch down!’’. So I just bought another wig and kept on going!

How did friends and family react to that?
The friends around me all knew because they were all drag queens. On one evening I ‘came out’ to my parents and they were very supportive. I came out to everybody else when I was on Australian Idol in drag.

Good to hear! And now you’re travelling the world as a professional drag queen! Did you ever experience something weird during – or after – a show?
Hmmmm… Let me think about that… I broke my leg once, which was kind of crappy! But it was not on stage. That’s not a very good one though…

Never had a weird fan request?
Yeah! Sometimes people ask you to sign their body so that they can get it tattooed on them: that always kind of scares me. I feel honored but on the other hand: it’s something that is going to be with you for forever.

”Fans sometimes ask me to sign their body so that they can get it tattooed on them.”

Wow, that people have these kind of requests…
Yes, especially over on this side of the world. During the tour they show me these tattoos and I think to myself: ‘’I’m looking forward to, in ten years time, see the cover up tattoos they’ve come up with’’.

Hahahaha! You never know what kind of requests the Dutch fans will come up with!
I’m so excited! I hope to see all of you next week in Amsterdam!

Want to see Courtney Act in real life during ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons’ in Amsterdam? You’re lucky! The first show on the fifth of April is completely sold out but you can still get some tickets for the second show on the sixth of April. Click here!

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